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“Calling Kate Wilhelm a born storyteller is like calling Frank Sinatra a born singer: it’s necessary but not sufficient to explain the genius that lies just behind the apparent facility.”    -Amazon.com review

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111 Responses to Home

  1. Dennis R.Caro says:

    Seeing Yesterday’s Tomorrows online brought back a lot of memories. I did the Clarion workshop in Pennsylvania and again at Michigan State. Never found a way to make a living as a writer, though. Much love to Kate .

  2. Mike Emery says:

    I am frustrated that your only sf book in print is “Where Late.” I teach a women’s science fiction class, & would like to use more than just that with my students.

    • admin says:

      Mike, many out-of-print books are being rereleased by our publishing company, InfinityBox Press. You can also find new and recent releases there, too. We are working to release the entire backlist as ebooks and many in print.

  3. Casey Stern says:

    This is both a message for Ms. Wilhelm and her fanbase. I recently read “Forever Yours, Anna” for a science fiction class and I’m just about losing my mind trying to make sense of the timeline. Can someone please try to explain to me what’s going on?
    A truly masterful piece—I’ve never read anything like it and doubt I ever will.

    With most sincere gratitude,


  4. I am rereading some of your early books. Now reading “Skeletons” and I am struck by how timely it is to our present day.

  5. Naomi Golovin says:

    Are you writing any more Barbara Holloway novels? I love them.

  6. Philip says:

    Hiya Miss Wilhelm. I am very interested in a collection of your short stories and Mr. Knights. My question is there such a collection of yours and his out there in the publishing universe. Thank you Philip

  7. Robert Finlay says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm, My daughter, a creative writing instructor in Iowa, is publishing her first novel next year. A sci-fi work, it’s set in a clone society. Just the other day, with her book in press, she read your “Sweet Birds Sang” and was astonished (and a bit depressed) to see she’d created a world with similar elements (ESP, mating rituals), though relieved to see that her plot and characters (naturally) are entirely different. Anything more I can do to cheer her up? I am a retired History teacher, living in Corvallis, so we are neighbors of a sort. I tried sending a message the other day, but, if I understand this website, I failed to get it through. Best wishes, Robert Finlay

  8. MELISSA SASS says:

    Dear Kate,
    Believe it or not but I was born in Toledo, Ohio also. Lived most of the time in Reynolds Corners, which has been incorporated into the city limits. I am coming back this September for my 50th class reunion and would really like to me you. If possible please let me know.
    I am an avid reader. I have a good number of your books and always keep my book lists with me and hit all used book stores.
    Hope to hear from you.

  9. Alf says:

    Dear Kate Wilhelm,

    Thank you for your many good books over the years!

    I really wish that you had done a sequel to Death Qualified, continuing where that book ended: Barbara Holloway discovers that she is pregnant (not really surprising, considering!) and more teenagers (and maybe even younger children) are learning from the computer. Or perhaps you prefer to end the story with a suggestion for what is to come.

    How to have a fork in the road for Barbara Holloway, a different chain of events…a different reality?

    I have enjoyed reading your books over the years as I have stumbled over them: Killer Thing, Let the Fire Fall, Huysman’s Pets, maybe one or two more. Now I have stumbled across the Barbara Holloway books. Being more a science fiction reader, so far I have liked Death Qualified the most of the Barbara Holloway novels, although I like all that I have read.

  10. Inez Fay Hulsey says:

    I would like to know where to find a complete list of the Barbara Holloway Mysteries in order . Thank you .

    • admin says:

      Inez, the complete Barbara Holloway mystery series, along with release dates and synopses, can be found at Bibliography > Barbara Holloway Mysteries on this site.

  11. James Foxer says:

    I just want to say that “Where Have You Been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?” is one of the most profoundly and wonderfully sad short stories I’ve ever read. I think about it a lot and I’ve never read anything else that quite compares to it. I hope this reaches Mrs. Wilhelm, because I wanted to tell her thank you.

  12. jody davenport says:

    Good morning Kate
    I recently discovered Where late the sweet birds sang, on Audible. Where can I find info
    on the second book in the series ? The ending left me hanging and craving more.

  13. Wayne Borean says:

    Dear Kate,

    When you start on Damon’s books, please consider putting ‘The Futurians’ at the top of the list. My copy got lost in a move, and I’d really like to get an ebook copy.


    • admin says:

      Wayne, you’re in luck. We have partnered with Reanimus Press in Colorado for the release of all of Damon’s titles, while we work through all of Kate’s. Here is the url for the current Damon Knight offerings—in ebook. Happy reading!

  14. David Brin says:

    Dear Kate. I am putting together an anthology about “Transparency” in the future.

    A wonderful contribution to the volume would be Damon’s old story “I see you.”

    Would you please send me a note so we could discuss it?

    I am hoping you are well and thriving! Please persevere in great health.
    With cordial regards,

    David Brin
    blog: http://davidbrin.blogspot.com/
    twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidBrin

  15. Wow, just discovered you. I’ve lived in Eugene for 27 years now. Was born in Roseburg, grew up in Glide. Married my H.S. sweetheart the same year I graduated, three weeks after I turned 18. Thirty seven years later, we’re still married and in love and most folks said it wouldn’t last. It’s just great to read books with my backyard the setting. I love mystery novels. I read lots. J.A. Jance, John Sandford, Janet Evanovich and many others…I love them all. Just got turned on to you by my father in law. Great stuff…I’m going to go deep into your work.


    Robert Cussins

  16. sharon says:

    love the Holloway books

  17. Gail says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm,

    I am so sad to report I am on #12 of the Barbara Holloway stories. If you could write and publish the audio of #13 by next week, I would be so grateful! I will miss Barbara so much!! I live in Eugene and commute to OSU in Corvallis and have listened to all of the books in order. I generally have an ebook going too, but that is generally fluff, to read before going to bed. I need something compelling in my commute, and audio books have absolutely saved me and enabled my to do this commute for 2 1/2 years.

    What a treat is was to find this series. I am curious about “Heaven is High” like others have posted here. It is a prequel, but did you just publish it last? Did you always have the story of Martin in your head? Just curious.

    Luckily, there are a few other books by you available in audio in the Library2go catalog, so I am on to them next. Another good author I follow on audio is Robert Crais and his Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series. Mr. Crais actually thanked you in at least one of his books. How cool is that?

    Anyway, thank you for making my commute so exciting!! I appreciate it.

  18. Nancy Kushko says:

    I have read all the books I can find written by yourself, and still have many in my library.
    Am glad to find out that By Stone, By Blade, By Fire has been published in print!
    I am not a fan of audiobooks or ebooks – although I know they are important to many people. Please tell me if The Fullness of Time Will be published in a print edition.
    Thank you for all your great work – I give your books as gifts – hoping that other people will enjoy them too!
    Keep writing!!!!!!!
    Nancy Kushko
    Edmonton, Alberta

  19. Sue says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm

    Just read the hard back addition of “By Stone, By Blade, By Fire”. Thank you for getting the print edition out. How soon will “Whisper Her Name” be out with a print edition?

    I hate to have to wait to read your books and have bought your new ones in hardback for many years now. You have been one of my favorite authors for over 30 years, so it is hard to know there are new books out that I can not read.

    Thank you for all the enjoyment your books provide.


    • admin says:

      Kate says: Hi, Sue. I’m sorry we haven’t been able to get some titles out as hardcovers as soon as we’d like to. We’re working on it and hope to improve soon. Thanks for your comment, and for reading me for so long. It’s people like you who keep people like me going.

  20. Blake Anderson says:

    Dear Ms Wilhelm,

    I am thoroughly enjoying the Holloway series. While there are many aspects of your writing that I find most enjoyable, I must confess that Thing One and Thing Two may well be my favorite element in the stories. We also have two cats, 12 year-old twin tom cats, and would you believe one of them grunts.

    In fact it is clear that he is communicating, and much of the time we are certain we can tell what he is trying to “say.”

    • admin says:

      Kate says: At this time I have one cat, a male, twelve years old. We live in perfect accord. He tells me what he wants/demands, and I hastily supply it. In return he keeps my feet warm throughout the night. We understand each other thoroughly.

      • Alan Mintaka says:

        I have a big 25 pound male, all muscle, black with a white diamond on his chest, and beautiful bright, yellow eyes. He’s a little over 13 years old now. Like the “Things”, he grunts when he wants something and makes his demand obvious by walking right over to what he wants and staring at it.

        He’s been doing this since I became his roommate when he was a one year old. I also have his sister from the same litter, and another little sister from a later litter – all with the same markings. Thankfully the sisters are much smaller and don’t impact my budget as much as feeding the big one does.

        I mention them because one day the two sisters went missing and I became concerned. So I asked their brother where they were. In his usual fashion, he marched over to a closet door, sat down, and stared at it. I opened the door and there they were, snoozing on shelves, completely oblivious to the circumstances. “How they got in there, I’ll never know,” to paraphrase the Great Groucho.

        What they all return is great affection – especially the big male, who is the most lovable, friendly cat I’ve ever had to privilege to live with. I know what both of you mean when you describe your friends and how you relate to them.

        I’ve named them after Egyptian royalty, with a “BO” prefix added to commemerate a dear friend. They are, in short (with the long form in parens):

        BoTut (BoTutankhamun), the big black panther

        BoAnkh (BoAnkhsenamun), his sister and almost bride before I got them to vet for neutering/spaying just in time (hence the names, because the original Tut was married to his half sister, Ankhsenamun)

        BoNef (BoNefertiti), the younger sister, named in reverse chrono order for Tut’s mother. She has ADD and I suspect that she’s a meth addict, though I don’t know where she gets the stuff. She so fast that when I turn out the light in the bedroom at night, she can jump into bed before it gets dark.

        They’re the closest of friends, and the best of Thing One and Thing two plus one.

        Aside from that minor tangent, I too have enjoyed the Barbera Halloway series immensely, both in print and audiobook format. I’ve also been reading Science Fiction since the middle 1950’s (AD) and have found so much great reading (from both you and Damon Knight) in that genre. The two of you helped me get me interested in books when I was a kid and througout my life (though I must confess that my interest in cats came in large part from Robert A. Heinlein. Sorry!)

        Anyway, thank you for everything! I turned 62 today and I plan to keep right on being a fan for many years to come.

        Alan Mintaka

  21. Darryl Hubbard says:

    Hello Ms. Wilhelm;
    I am re-reading “Death of an Artist” at the
    moment. I have read most of your novels,
    I believe, maybe all of them. The Barbara
    Holloway series is a favorite.

    “Death of an Artist” gives me the strong
    impression it is as much a work or art as
    it is a mystery novel. It is beautifully written.

    Thank you,
    Darryl Hubbard

  22. Celesta A Eustice says:

    Will the Kindle/audio book “By Stone, By Blade, By Fire” which came out in September 20912 be available in hardback at some time soon? Celesta E

  23. William Maloney says:

    I just yesterday read my first Kate Wilhelm novel, “Death of an Artist.” As soon as I finished it, I ordered a copy for a friend of mine. What a delight to find another fine novelist.

    I do wish, Kate, that you’d done a little bit more research on handguns before writing that story, though. You describe Marnie’s ownership of “a simple six-shooter,” which means, to anyone who knows about handguns, a revolver; and in the next paragraph you tell us that her late husband had “made certain . . . she knew about the safety . . .” Revolvers do not have safeties. They just aren’t made that way.

    Most autoloader (a.k.a. semi-automatic) handguns do have safeties, but there’s one well-known exception.and unfortunately that’s the one you picked for Tony to own at the end of the story, when he’s confronting Dale at the stream. He says to Dale, “Did you hear that click? That’s the sound of a safety being released.” Safeties generally don’t make a click loud enough to be heard at a distance, especially over the sound of a creek, but in this case the question is academic. Tony’s gun is identified as a Glock and Glock handguns do not have safeties.

    A good resource for starting research on firearms would be a recent copy of “Shooter’s Bible,” an annual publication. From there, manufacturers’ websites would give more detailed information about specific models.

    The story in “Death of an Artist” was very good, and I’ll be looking for more of your novels. It would have been a bit better had I not been jarred from the story-world by the technical discrepancy.

  24. Beverly Vick says:

    I am a big fan of the Barbara Holloway books and I have found one that is on Kindle (which I do not own), why is this not in regular book? I love your books


  25. kathy howard says:

    Ms Wilhelm The Friends of the Springfield Public Library are holding their 4th Annual Book Sale on March 8th and 9th. During the sale we hold a book raffle of Oregon authors. We would love to include a signed book or two of yours. All proceeds from the sale and the raffle go to benefit programs for all ages in the library. We appreciate your possible contribution.


    Kathy Howard, President of the Friends of the Springfield Public Library

    Books may be sent directly to the library, addressed to:
    %Springfield Public Library
    225 Fifth Street
    Springfield, Oregon 97477

    or you can contact me at:

  26. L S Howard says:

    Funny you should say that! I listen to the audio book version of Barbara Holloway. I haven’t increased my coffee intake; however, on the way home from work, I crave a glass of wine. I only wish I had Frank to cook for me!

  27. R Thomas says:

    Many years ago I read a story of yours in one of those Best SF collections (believe it was edited by Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss) that haunted me and I’ve always wanted to find it, thanks to your site I now realize it’s called ‘The Scream’ and it’s available in the collection ‘And the Angels Sing.’ Thanks so much for these excellent short stories, including Infinity Box and The Encounter, I think they’re among the best sf I’ve ever read.

  28. Gene Silver says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm,
    I’ve just recently become a passenger aboard the Barbara Holloway bandwagon. The more novels I read in the series, the more I find myself increasing my coffee intake and seeking out a new type of wine to sample. Thank goodness none of the characters is a cigarette smoker!

    Gene Silver

  29. Hi

    I was lucky I took ‘Women in Lit’ Spring 1988. Our first assignment was to find a woman author we’d never heard of and report on a piece of her work. I found ‘The Planners’.

    Brilliant. By the mid-1990’s I’d read 90% of Ms. Wilhelm’s work. All of which I really like. ‘Forever Yours Anna’ is up there. The novella collection “And The Angels Sing” – I think that had a story in the desert southwest and a brujo? Great work.

    The mysteries are all quite good too. Charlie and Constance are a little like “The Thin (Burning) Man” and Barbara Holloway a little like Perry Mason meets either Margaret Atwood or Edna Buchanan.


  30. factfinder says:

    I just found your books recently (Barbara Holloway Series) and am hooked!!!

    I am on the road alot and am always listening!!

    I am on book 5 and I have to say that after listening through the first 3 books I was taken aback when I started on the 4th and the narrator was different. It was hard to adjust to a new person reading because after 3 books you get used to each character. I was used to the new reader in book 4 and just started on the 5th book No Defense. And now there is a new reader. This one is a bit more difficult to listen to because I have listened to this specific narrator in other books, and her voice sure does NOT fit your characters.

    That being said…..I love your books and am looking forward to the rest of the series and then on to your other books!!!

  31. Elaine Rhine Tanzer says:

    I can’t believe I have only discovered you in the past year during which time I have become entranced by your books–to the point of scavenging the entire Barbara Holloway (and also Frank-I love Frank) collection, and have started on the rest.
    I live in Portland, where I own Elephants Delicatessen, but spend time in Eugene whenever possible. However, I would love your writing and your stories wherever I lived. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Kate says: Hello, Elaine. Thanks for your note. What we say in Oregon, of course, is “Stay dry.” Happy New Year to you.

  32. Bruni Mason says:

    Dear Kate. Since finding “Listen, Listen” I have been a fan. I carry a list of all your books and whenever in a bookstore fist check the shelves for some older publications, I might not have. Now I see I have to get into the ebook scene to read more of your stories. I read a lot and mostly non-fiction. But when asked who my favorite author is, your name always comes out first. I wish I could have met you, or could meet you. Are you planning any workshops in 2013? Jusr another greatful fan. Your insights your sensitivity have shaped my own. Thank you.

  33. Sue Foster says:

    I have people waiting for your next Barbara Holloway book, By Stone, By Blade, By Fire. Now it looks like there is no paper book planned, only e-book or audio. Can this be true? I have a book store in Florence, Oregon and your readers in this area want your books!

    • admin says:

      Kate says

      Thanks for your post, Sue. As you say, for the present only ebooks and audio are available, but we’re looking into print books for a near future option. I hope to have word about that fairly soon. We’ll also have a list of print books available now posted at Infinityboxpress.com. And we’ll put your name on the list of folks to notify as soon as we’re ready to issue print books of new works.

      • Sally Wilson says:

        I don’t know if your publisher realizes that there are about 36,000,000 ( 36 million) people with hearing loss. Many of us need the printed word .- trying to understand the audio is a frustrating and exhausting effort. I can not believe that you(and they) would go along with excluding.us.
        Books on Kindle and other devices of that nature are equally inaccessible – some of us don’t want them, others can’t afford them. The printed word is what we need. You wouldn’t send books in English to France. We are in the same position – we need the books in the language we understand and that is the printed word.
        I hope you take this seriously. I don’t want to miss a single book.

        • admin says:

          Kate says: Sally, I am one of those 36 million with hearing loss. I do understand the problem. At this time we, Infinity Box Press and I, are working to bring my works into print on demand, and into libraries again, but it is taking longer to do this than we anticipated. I’m hopeful that our pace will pick up soon as we move forward.

  34. Lynne Balthazor says:

    I really enjoyed “Death of an Artist” however, I noticed that the book jacket had an error. In the first paragraph the main character is, correctly, called Marnie. In the third paragraph she is called Marie.
    I thought I should point out the error as it would be irritating to carefully proofread a book only to have an error sneak into the book jacket. I’m looking forward to reading many more of your wonderful books. Thanks for all the enjoyment you provide.

    • admin says:

      Kate says:
      Thank you, Lynne. It’s really annoying to have a mistake like that pop up in spite of all the care and attention already paid to a work. But it happens. We grit our teeth and move on.


  35. Please see that I’m real by looking at my LinkedIn page or Googling my name. I’ve loved your books for over 20 years. My favorites are _Welcome Chaos_ and _Crazy Time_; I also love the relationship between Constance and Charlie. Oregon is the last state of the contiguous 48 I’ve yet to visit, and I plan to come out during Sukkoth. May I please meet you? (You don’t have to post this unless you want to; emailing me via LinkedIn is fine.)

  36. Jay Schwartz says:

    Kate- I just now finished “Death of an Artist”, and being an artist myself, I so much identified with the character of Steph and the struggles she had. Many artists go thru the same process as she did. You did a masterful job with her character. I saw that you wrote a book called “Late the sweet birds Sang”. I did a painting of very similar title and would love to send you a photo of it (E-mail). I know you will identify with it. Please send you E-mail to me if possible and I will mail it to you. Best Jay

  37. jan says:

    Is there a way we could meet? Or are you having a workshop in July? I live in Florida and am here visiting my son. I’ve read and enjoyed your books for years.

  38. Ann-Sargent Wooster says:

    I have many/most of your books with great enjoyment. I am an artist and an art historian. and just read Death of an Artist. I liked the character of Stef. I wanted to tell you Michelangelo made the sculpture of David not Leonardo. Also, although she is selling in a small town on the coast I thought you priced her paintings too low for someone allegedly making a break out sell to a dot.com person. It would have been more like $15,000 than $7,500. I really liked your description of her paintings especially the ones of the tidewater pools.

    • admin says:

      Kate says:

      I know Leonardo didn’t do the sculpture of David, but the guy who says he did didn’t know that, and later is scorned for his ignorance. Thanks for you comment, and I’m glad you liked Stef. So do I.

  39. Ruth Horn says:

    Just wanted to say what a great book I though Death Qualified is. There’s another female author who writes mysteries that are simply obscurity with no substance. I actually put down your book because I thought it was going to be similar. Then I started reading another of your books and decided I liked it/you so once again picked up Death Qualified. As someone who fully subscribes to Einstein’s idea that we use only a small amount of our consciousness and thus have far more capabilities than we know, but who also has a strong sense of bs, I thought you tread the edges of reality in a manner that is totally realistic. Anyway, found it a very compelling book and wanted to tell you. Regards,

    • admin says:

      Kate says:Thank you, Ruth. I like to think of much of my work as being in the innermost circle of much larger circles. There are mysteries that can be solved within the inner circles, but they influenced by the much larger mysteries of the outer rings, and those bigger mysteries confound our reason. I appreciate your comments, and your perseverance in returning to Death Qualified.

  40. Kim Axelsson says:

    Hello, Kate!

    I just finished your absolutely enchanting novel Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang.

    After putting it down, I immediately looked you up on the internet, just to say how grateful I am. This story moved me in innumerable ways. I read it on my smartphone, which I thought was fitting, since I experienced your view of our future while amongst large groups of people in the subway.

    I finished it while sitting on my balcony at 4 in the morning, here in Stockholm, Sweden. The sky was a resplendent blue/black and, yes, there were birds singing.

    Thank you again, all the best.

    • admin says:

      Kate says: Thank you very much. I’m so happy that people are still finding and reading the novel and I’m grateful for your response.

  41. John Vavrek says:

    I perform annually with the Eugene Concert Choir as narrator for their spring “pops” concert. Last week we performed a show entitled “Hot Latin Nights” at Silva Concert Hall, and I had hoped to offer Ms Wilhelm a pair of tickets. You see, I reference the famous statue in Rio de Janiero that :fictional Eugene resident Frank Holloway would refer to as ‘Christ on a mountain!'” It didn’t get as large a response as I’d hoped, but I enjoyed referencing one of my favorite authors, favorite characters, and in one of my favorite places. Thank you very much for all of your great work!

    • Kate says:

      Thank you, Mr. Vavrek! Not many people recognize the reference you used, but once anyone has seen the Christ on the Mountain above Rio, it is unforgettable. Kate

  42. Mary H. says:

    Hello Kate et al.,
    I’ve just finished Cold Case and liked it very much. It occurs to me that my daughter will be living in Eugene soon, and I thought a housewarming present might be one of the Barbara Holloway books. I’d like to give her whichever one has the most Eugene-specific detail — geography, architecture, culture, whatever. Can anyone help?

    • admin says:

      Kate says: Hello Mary. Since Barbara is a resident of Eugene, and practices law here, all of her novels reflect this city and surrounding areas. It’s hard to say which says more about Eugene. The scenes change as changes occur in our area. For example, the old courthouse is out, the new one in, but some of the landscapes, the parks, the river walk all remain constant. The nearby ocean and its fabulous coast line, and the nearby mountains, all resist modern “improvements.” I hope your daughter comes to love this place as much as I do.

  43. STEPHANIE GRAY says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm,
    I’ve been a fan for ages. Just finished “Death of an Artist” (enjoyed it immensely) and was particularly struck by the photo of you on the jacket. You look so much like my mom and Aunt Helen, both of whom were from Oregon. Your characters also seem to share the same culture as my family (cook the same foods, for instance). Just wondering if you have any relationship to the Wild family or knew my aunt, Helen Schultz, who lived most of her life in Eugene.
    Stephanie Gray

  44. Pat Kiser says:

    Dear Kate,
    I have read all the Barbara novels at least twice and just received “Death of an Artist”: from Amazon – and have read lots of others too. Thank you for the many hours of pleasure you have given me.
    PS I am just 3 months OLDER than you. lol

  45. Dale Arthur Lottig says:

    Am re-reading “Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang” and am again taken by the prescient nature of the story. This is a gem of a novel and belongs among the best Speculative Fiction written in the last half of the 20th Century. Thank you Ms. Wilhelm for writing so poignant a story.

  46. Keith Holt says:

    Dear Kate,
    My wife Mavis gets so much enjoyment from reading your books and
    thinks you are a brilliant writer. Would it be possible for you to
    send her a signed photograph or bookplate please. She would be so
    surprised and delighted, it would really make her birthday extra special.
    Thank you and best wishes from
    Keith Holt
    25 Field Drive
    DE24 0HF

  47. Marlene Frakes says:

    I read your book “Sleight of Hand” 2006 and liked it so much I check everything else I could find out of the library and read then by year. The first one was 2003 “Clear Convincing Truth”, last one was “Cold Case” 2008 and the next book was 2011 “Heaven is High” BUT it didn’t appear although this last book “Heaven is High” time line was before 2003. Am I missing some books after 2008?

  48. MJ says:

    Just finished The Nevermore Affair.”Life is nothing but a particular grouping of cells, composed of atoms which will return to the universe, so you see, life is never ended, or lost”
    For more on the philosophy of Epicurus, see Stephen Greenblatt’s just released book “The Swerve”

  49. Pat Gay says:

    I just read cold case and loved it. I checked out heaven is high and it seems it is going back in time instead of forward with her personal life, Did I miss a book? Pat Gay

  50. barbara sanchez says:

    I have been a fan of yours for years, but my favorites are still Constance and Charlie. They are true grown ups. Thanks.

  51. Where can I find “The Casebook of Constance and Charlie 1&2” books on audio?

  52. Debby says:

    i have the inter Barbara Halloway books except “Heaven is High” and i was wondering if it was going to be coming out as paperback soon. that way all my books are the same backing. Please i hope it will be.

  53. Sorry but I just found your book Cold Case in the library . My job is to sort all the books that people bring to the library for the book sale.Read the back of the books to see if I would like them.Right now my girl friend & I are looking for new authors , We like MYSTERIES !!! so I brought your book home the first thing I do is go on my putter put your name in to see if it is a series or novel stand along book.As I read down & on the book I read that it is a series (Barbara Hollway) ! So now I would like to know which number is it in the series for I like to read them in order.So can you give me the list of the series.Thank you from what I have read I know that I will be reading your books!!!!

    • Robert says:

      I did the same thing. I compiled my own list in chronological order. (Does not include Heaven Is High, the latest):
      • Death Qualified: A Mystery of Chaos (1991)
      • The Best Defense (1994)
      • For the Defense also named Malice Prepense in hardbound editions (1996)
      • Defense for the Devil (1999)
      • No Defense (2000)
      • Desperate Measures (2001)
      • Clear and Convincing Proof (2003)
      • The Unbidden Truth (2004)
      • Sleight Of Hand (2006)
      • A Wrongful Death (2007)
      • Cold Case (2008)

      I will tell you that her latest is not in chrono order, it is the story of how she met Martin and Binnie, who own the restaurant that she uses as her ‘neighborhood outreach practice’, so to speak, giving legal advice and services for whatever they can afford or barter with.
      When you first meet Martin and Binnie in the series, you could read “Heaven is high” anytime afterwards and you won’t interrupt the flow.
      I thoroughly enjoyed the Holloway series and the Constance and Charlie series! You’re in for a terrific adventure 😉

      • Maggy Anthony says:

        I really liked the latest, Heaven is High, but felt it very confusing for a longtime reader since the connection with Martin and Binnie has long been established and in one place the President is referred to as Reagan. Also, an old boyfriend, who obviously drowned, thereby passing over the man and his son with whom she was living. VERY confusing, and a note that it was a prequel would have been nice.

  54. Laurel Brown says:

    I just finished Heaven is High. I think I have read all the Barbara Holloway books, but maybe not. I don’t know what happened to her fiance. I don’t remember reading about it.
    What book tells about his death?

    I think you are the best mystery writer on the universe. I try to start your books when I have a couple of free days so I can read without interruption.

    Thanks for your writing.

    • ace says:

      Laurel…not to speak for Ms. Wilhelm, but I think you may have missed the first book, “Death Qualified.” Definitely hunt it down if you haven’t read it.

      I’m currently working my way through all the Barbara Holloway books and am enjoying them immensely. I have no idea how they escaped my notice before now!

      Actually I came on this site to say that as a professional writer, I really enjoyed “Storyteller,” and have recommended it to many promising writers.

  55. Susan Pillsbury says:

    I have only read 2 Barbara Holloway books so far. They are hard to find !! A friend just brought me one from Ohio…..”Sleight of Hand” which I thoroughly enjoyed. I found one in Borders about 6 months ago. I’ve been told that they are not being printed. Only way to get them is on audio. Can’t seem to listen to a book. Another friend said that she saw a few available on her “Nook Color” Any suggestions ???

    • J. Powers says:

      Susan, if you have access to a computer (or a grandchild who does!) you can buy many of Ms Wilhelm’s books through http://www.amazon.com, or through Barnes & Noble. Often, you can find out of print books as well, if you are willing to purchase a “used” book. I have collected almost all of Ms. Wilhelm’s published works this way.

    • debbie says:

      I love Barbara Holloway series!!! When I couldn’t find them at book stores I found them on Amazon. I have all of them 🙂

  56. Midori says:

    I just finished listening to Heaven Is High and I loved it. It wasn’t difficult at all to place it as the second in the Barbara Holloway series-even if it was released/published out of order. I’m glad that we were given the opportunity to hear Martin and Binnie’s story and how Barbara came to their rescue. Well done Ms. Wilhelm! Thank you and more please!

  57. Tim Stuart says:

    Just a minor suggestion. Several members of our family read “Heaven is High” and enjoyed it very much. However, particularly in the last chapter, we were all a bit jarred to read a number of times about characters using pay phones. In addition to the fact that pay phones are almost extinct, how could a “with-it” attorney not have a cell phone in this day and age? 🙂


    • Janet Luchies says:

      I have started reading Heaven is High, and had to check that it was not an older novel that was reprinted. It references President Reagan on two occaisions in the first few chapters (sorry, still reading) which makes me think it was written in the 80’s and just now published. Am I wrong?

      I love her writing and was thriled to find a new one. I don’t mind that it predates other books, just trying to keep it straight in my head if this is a prequel.

    • Janet Luchies says:

      Heaven is High is set in 1983, per references to Reagan and when Ania was married. I can’t locate one of my other Holloway novels, but the restaurant she often goes to – isn’t that Martin and Binnie’s place?

    • Cindy L says:

      It looks to me like “Heaven is High’ is a prequel of sorts falling chronologically between Barbara Holloway books one (‘Death Qualified’) and two (‘The Best Defense’). It’s set in the early 80’s and payphones were common at that time. While it’s hard to remember life without them, few people had mobile phones before the early to mid 90’s

  58. K.K. Hudson-Bates says:

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for many years of good books. I have been reading Kate Wilhelm’s books since I first read Fault Lines in the mid 1980s. I just counted and realized I’d read 34 of the titles listed here! Thank you!


    P.S. (I would have preferred to have made this note personally, but found no other means for communicating – please feel free to remove this portion of my post. Thanks.) You might want to speak with your editor about checking Spanish place names and surnames, both in Heaven Is High and other books. (Gutierrez has double r, for example)

  59. Geni says:

    I’ve just been cast as Lottie in a play version of the short story “Ladies & Gentlemen, This is Your Crisis!” I remember reading the story years ago, and am beyond thrilled to have a chance to be in the play. Never thought I’d get to play a part written by one of my favorite SF authors!

  60. Douglas Blake says:

    I am so happy that a new Barbara Holloway is out now, I’ve been waiting patiently for it. I started reading your early SF in the mags many years ago and have felt for a long time that you are the finest author living and writing fiction. Thank you for the many years of great stories.
    a long long time fan

  61. Genevive Schemonia says:

    very nice website, enjoy the way you write, you definitely do hold a flair for writing, will be viewing this website quite often

  62. Della McCloud says:

    I just recently found your books on the Barb Holloway series, I love them so much. I listen to them while I am at work and makes my day wonderful hearing your stories. Will there be more to the series coming out any time soon. I think I am caught up on all of the books so far and waiting for the next one. Thank you so much for giving me the joy of your stories.

  63. Jan Powers says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ms Wilhelm !

  64. Once I came over to Kate Wilhelm | Author I can only see part of it, is this my net browser or the web web site? Should I restart? Cheers Elton Crawford

    • Hedda Matheson says:

      I have not read Death of an Artist, but I am also an artist who now has to die to certain ways of life in order to become more of an artist. Kate, you are an inspiration, and living proof of the kind of life one can live when one follows one’s natural gifts and greatest dreams. I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

  65. Gib says:

    Will your books be available as ebooks soon? Please!!!!!!

  66. Sven says:

    Hello Mrs. Wilhelm,
    great to find your website on the web.
    I am a huge, huge fan of your work obviously.
    Living in Germany, i nonetheless mostly read all your books i can get in english.
    Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the joy and entertainment you brought into my life.
    My latest find was the story that you contributed to Harlan Ellisons Medea. Great read.
    Just one small question….as i live in Germany and will probably never ever be able to meet you in person. Is it somehow possible to get a book signed and personalised by you?
    That would be a little dream of mine. Would be wonderful to hear back from you.
    All the best from Germany,


  67. peter turner says:

    I was surprised as Todd was when Sam stepped out with a gun in his hand. I came across Heaven is high at the library and after that I take out your books by the stack. I wish that you would visit Todd and Barney again. If you ever get to feeling poorly then get an intern so that there is someone to continue your work—just being sensible. Tell Todd that I am never bored reading you.


  68. Julie Volk McClusky says:

    Hi Kate! Remember me from Redington Beach? Hope you are doing well… I have a 19 year old daughter who is in creative writing, and a 20 year old daughter who is an environmentalist. When I was about 15 or 16 you read my Tarot cards and told me I would have 2 daughters— well, I’m sure you aren’t surprised that that is true:)
    I live in Birmingham Al & work as an art teacher is pre and elementary schools. My husband is a left wing lawyer and plays drums in a band. He’s a science fiction freak, & has read everything you ever wrote on the subject.
    I was trying to reconnect with Dicky, and I thought this may be a good way to do it. If you wouldn’t mind , please forward my email to him. I’d like to hear how he’s doing.
    If you’re ever in the southeast for a writing seminar, I’d love to know the info.
    Take care,

  69. Jan Powers says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm – I adore your books. In the last 15 years, I have been collecting them. Many in my collection are first edition, some are signed, and all are cherished. You have an uncanny ability to create characters who appear fully-formed. I especially enjoy your speculative fiction. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us. Sincerely, Rev. Jan

  70. Pam Warren says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm:
    I can’t say enough about your books, especially the Barbara Holloway series. I have been blessed with a mind that forgets exactly who ‘dunnit’, so every time I listen to them, it’s all new again. I live half the time in the US, half time in Europe (mostly UK) and download them via library2go to listen to while we travel for my husband’s work. Recently we drove and worked our way from Oregon to the east coast, all the way up to Canada and back down to Boston, listening to your books all the way. I now have hubby hooked! I am currently in the long queue for ‘Heaven is High’ – it will be like Christmas to get a new story to listen to!
    Of course, your other books are fantastic as well, but there is something about Frank and Barbara Holloway and the other characters in that series that seem SO real. Plus, my heart-home is Springfield/Eugene and hearing all the familiar references/locations is wonderful.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your work with us!
    Pam Warren

  71. Claudette says:

    Have read and re-read your books and listened to the recorded versions. I especially like the Barbara Holloway books. Am wondering if your latest “Heaven is High” was written years ago and published recently since it’s in the sequence of earlier events in Holloway’s life. Or did you write it recently and it’s sort of like a prequel? Whatever. Like them all. Thanks for quality writing.

    • Beth says:

      I had the same question about Heaven is High.I have not been able to read her books in sequence. When I started reading other books in the series I was confused. It makes sense now that the book was set earlier than the last novel: Cold Case.

  72. Karen Terry says:

    I just read Heaven is High. I just love Barbara. She is tough, smart, and a very good lawyer. She helps her clients even to the detriment to herself. I can’t wait for your next one.

  73. Hello Kate, I was perusing audio books on libraries2go, and came across your works. Now for some odd reason, I found the name Wilhelm intriguing. I have quite a commute to work, and so am able to enjoy about 2 hours a day of losing myself in all kinds of adventures, mysteries, intrigue, etc.. I’m looking forward to starting in on some of your mental release material in the very near future. My wife, family, and I are in southern Or., in the GP area. A few of us here, many more Wilhelm’s in Southern Ca.

  74. Karen says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm, Are you still conducting writing workshops? I have your book, ‘Storyteller’. I am in Portland, OR. Thank you.

  75. Gaby says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm,
    I am a fan of your books. The Good Children and Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang are two books that I keep with me. The Barbara Holloway books are a terrific series.
    What can I say, but— Thank you!

  76. Linda Harwood Oakley says:

    Ms Kate: I have just recently FOUND you and your Barbara Holloway series. Have enjoyed reading them very much, and have many friends who read, so am giving them your name for them to “experience the thrill” of your books. I have been an avid reader from a very early age and never leave home without something to read in case I get stuck somewhere. (Celebrating my 50th class reunion this coming week-end in Vicksburg, MS) Being ‘well-read’ is probably my only claim to fortune, as it were, but it makes me happy, and in some cases, knowledgeable in things others are not. I am always being accused of “showing-off” by using ‘big’ words, but it just comes naturally from years of reading them and understanding the meanings. It sure helps with the Readers’ Digest Word Power! I can still remember growing up and sitting in the “crook” of my favorite tree reading the afternoon away, much to my mother’s dismay. Being the oldest of 7, I had many chores and skipped a few! Thank you. Keep on writing.

  77. Richard Wilhelm says:

    Congratulations on your new site.

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