October 23

I’m surfacing from a deep sea of concentration, trying to finish up a new Barbara Holloway  novel.  I’m grateful to all of you for your posts over the past weeks.  I’m also sorry that I couldn’t bring to this site the various posts that accumulated in a previous website.  To get to some of the  questions raised here: Heaven is High was set in about 1982.  I wrote it recently but it was on my mind for a long time and I finally yielded to the impulse to fill in that blank, how Barbara met Martin and Binnie and why the enduring friendship developed.  It also amused me to think that my readers will know something that Frank will never know.  It was strange to write of a time before cellphones and modern computers.  Such a short time ago and such big changes.  I also wanted to write about Belize before it became a destination point for diving and such.

Frank’s cats are Maine coon cats, golden, and big.  Twenty pounds or a little more.  Barbara gave them to him when they were tiny gold puff balls and they instantly dismantled his Christmas tree, hence their names, Thing One and Thing Two.  I had a cat like them once, big, beautiful, and unfortunately brainless.  Frank’s cats are geniuses in comparison.

Someone asked about my work in ebook format, and I’ll have news about that in the coming weeks.  I have a mountain of work out of print, no longer available except in libraries, and I intend to correct that situation.  More about it later.

Also, there will be a new Charlie and Constance in the not too distant future.  I love coming back to them from time to time and will never really abandon them.

Back to what I think is the final chapter of the final draft of the new Holloway novel. Thank you all for coming and for your comments.  As we used to say, be seeing you.


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  1. Kathy Biggs says:

    Love your Barbara Holloway books – haven’t read any of your other titles YET.
    I’ve turned on 2 of my good friends to the series, and one got ahead of me and was mystified why this book seemed ‘older’ than the one before it. Thanks for explaining, and perhaps it should be noted someone so we ‘new’ folks can read them in order of happenings….
    Thanks for ALL! And if you ever want a dragonfly in one of your books, I’d be glad to advise you!!

  2. Maria says:


    Thanks for writing such intriguing books. I’m a recent fan and trying to read the Barbara Holloway series in order. However, I’m anxious to find out what happened after “Death Qualified”. The ending left many questions regarding Mike, the killer, and the teens looking at the programming. Please let me know what book will address these items.


  3. Kathy from TX says:


    I have become a huge fan of your Barbara Holloway series. I frequent the Media Library in my area and have “read” most of them via audiobooks during my long work commute…some read on my ereader. I have completed all of the books in the series over time and had gotten to Heaven is High. When Martin and Binnie entered the scene, I was so stumped I had to stop the recording and listen to something else. I started Googling to get an explanation. I felt completely like I’d stepped into the twilight zone…heh! Silly me…I should have known the answer would be right on your web page! I will now happily continue with the audiobook, knowing that it’s a “prequel”. Thank you, thank you for clearing that up.

    Commenting on another reply…I, too, was pretty shocked when the audiobook reader hit those mispronunciations of Oregon places. However, I have not noticed more of those. (thank you).

    I do love the comments by your faithful reader Paul O. who identifies with Frank. It made me SMILE!

    Thank you for your talent and passion as a writer of mystery and suspense! I will always come back to you and your work.

  4. Richard Sikes says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm,

    As an ex-pat Oregonian and having grown up in Eugene, I was delighted to discover your Barbara Holloway series. They are inspiring me to spend time there again some summer holiday. It would be a lot of fun to re-explore the locales that you describe so deliciously.

    Because I listen to the novels in audiobook format and am a linguist by trade, I cannot help but note that Blackstone Audio (an Ashland-based company?) does not adequately coach the voice talent in correct pronunciation. How could a company based in Oregon condone pronunciation of Willamette with the emphasis on the “mette?” This hurts my ears!

    Please be so kind as to provide a pronunciation guide to any future audiobook projects. It would warm this ex-pat’s heart!


  5. Anna Hudgens says:

    Dear Ms. Wilhelm,
    Many, many years ago, I was loaned a book with the specific request to read your story, Forever Yours, Anna. The book was given to me by my then fiance, who subsquently passed away from cancer. I have searched and searched for a copy of a publication that held the story over the years, without success. Can you please direct me as to where I can find a copy of the story. I’ve wanted to re-read it many times over the years.

    Thank you for your anticipated guidance,
    Anna Hudgens
    Payette, Idaho

  6. phyllis Finster says:

    Anxious to hear that a new book is coming. I just purchased a Kindle Fire so interested in the ebooks too. Keep writing.

  7. phyllis Finster says:

    I was worried that you quit writing or dead. Anxious to hear of the new books and especially the ebooks as I just purchased a kIndle fire.

  8. Wynona Williams says:

    Mrs Wilhelm I just finished reading your book No Defense and enjoyed it One thing that was funny to me is that one of the people in the story was named Wynona and another one Babe my name is Wynona and my nickname is Babe I just got a kick out of that I will look for more of your stories God Bless

  9. Rick Bavera says:

    I have read several of your books, but the two that remain on my list of favorite all time are Juniper Time and Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang.

  10. Pat Kiser says:

    Thank you for all the hours of pleasure you have given me. I am just one month older, and consider you a dear friend.

  11. Cathy Robbins says:

    I have downloaded all of your Barbara Holloway audio books from the Ohio library website, and I love to listen to them as I’m working around the house. I’m listening to “Heaven is High” as I write this, and needless to say, I’m enjoying it!!

    I’ve also tasted a bit of the Charlie & Constance series, and I look forward to delving deeper into its’ depths.

    Thank you for your contributions to the literary world, and I wish you much happiness and fulfillment in your writing endeavors.

    Happy Holidays!!

  12. Jan says:

    Thanks so much for these updates, Ms. Wilhelm. And thank you for continuing to write for publication.

  13. Paul Osterlund says:

    I have read and reread all of your Barbara Holloway books , Skeletons and Price of Silence. I guess you could call me a fan. I am a lawyer and a 50 year member of the Oregon State Bar who is still in practice. I identify with Frank. I am waiting impatiently for your next Holloway Novel. Hope it is soon. Thanks for your wonderful, human stories.
    Look forward to your next Holloway novel.
    Beat regards,

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