Big Changes Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

We’re putting the finishing touches on our new website and will announce its launch in the coming weeks. One of the main features is the ability to buy ebooks of Kate’s previously published works, some of which are quite difficult to find. We will release Kate’s new works on the site, too, also in ebook formats.
Stay connected by going to Kate’s new FaceBook page. In FaceBook search “Kate Wilhelm” and “like” the page and post comments!

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    Is there any chance of “Where late sang the sweet birds sang” of been a E Book?

    • admin says:

      Kate says: Hello Geoffrey. I’m in the process, with InfinityBox Press, of preparing all of my backlist to ebook format. It’s a time consuming job, and slowly progressing, but we’ll get there. Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang will be an ebook, just can’t say when. I’m so pleased that people want it so many years after its initial publication. Thanks.

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