New company launched

This is a big announcement!  InfinityBox Press LLC has been launched.  You can find it at There you’ll find news, a list of ebooks available, future plans, readings, other items that I hope will interest you. Our intention is to make all of my backlist available as ebooks as rapidly as we can manage, and when that’s done start making Damon Knight’s backlist available.  My open letter to readers and writers sums up my reason for starting this new company.

At this time all of the Charlie and Constance works are available as ebooks, including a new novel featuring the couple: Whisper Her Name.  As soon as we can manage, we’ll have the Barbara Holloway novels formatted for ebooks, with a new Holloway novel due in September.

I’m very excited about this.  I hated it that older works of writers I’ve followed appear to have vanished into a black hole somewhere.  With ebook technology that no longer must be the case. From a writer’s first fumbling attempts to a writer’s matured, hopefully more polished, works, all will be available for criticism, comment, comparison.

Please drop in for a visit, browse, chat.

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  1. Dan Beavon says:


    A couple of years ago I digitized my music collection (my digital library has over 100,000 songs in a lossless format, using the software MediaMonkey). A few weeks ago, I decided to digitize my book collection as I have been a fan and collector of SF books for many decades. I have been using the software Calibre to organize my ebooks. This software has allowed me to better organize my collection. In the past, my hard copy books were always organized alphabetically; but I always lamented the fact that I couldn’t group them by major awards (e.g., Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, John Campbell Memorial Award). Now with this Calibre software, I can do anything with my collection as I have created separate columns to denote those books which have won or been nominated for major awards. As a retired researcher, many of my past skills come in quite handy as I methodically build my Calibre database. In two weeks, I have already added just over three thousand ebooks to my digital collection. All of this backstory is to explain that I am missing a few Kate Wilhelm ebooks (that apparently do not exist). Through the 1970’s, Kate was always one of my favourite female SF authors, and her book, Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, was always a personal favourite (yes, a “u” in favourite, so that makes me Canadian). I’ve read that particular book several times throughout my life, always playing Pink Floyd’s “Wishing You Were Here” album in the background (the two are now intricately and inseparably linked in my mind). Also, her book, “The Killer Thing”, was the first book that I accidentally reread by mistake giving me that sense of deja vu and worry about the onset of dementia. Needless to say, I’m truly a big fan. However, I now have a dilemma, in that my digital collection is missing three notable Kate Wilhelm SF books: Juniper Time, Margaret and I, and The Clone. I have hard copies of these books, but being a bit obsessive/compulsive, I would like to have the digital versions. I don’t mind buying new versions, but there doesn’t appear to be any digital versions available. As I was searching for these phantom books, I came across this website and my hopes were raised with the expectation that they would available. But, like some cruel jester on the part of fate, my hopes were dashed with promises of books to come. Is there a plan to release digital versions of the three aforementioned books?

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

    Dan Beavon

    • admin says:

      Dan, we are slowing working through Kate’s backlist, releasing each as ebooks and some as both ebooks and print-on-demand books. The three titles you are looking for, Juniper Time, Margaret and I, and The Clone, have not been queued up as yet. Juniper Time and Margaret and I will be scheduled soon. Copyright issues may keep us from releasing The Clone—it was co-written by the late Ted Thomas. Nonetheless, we have, in the last three years, released about 25 of Kate’s titles and have many more ahead. Plus, she’s still writing, so we are adding new works as well. Visit to see all we have released so far. Thanks for your note and your project sounds daunting, but orderly.

  2. Roberta Myyra says:

    Where can I find the THE CASEBOOK OF CONSTANCE AND CHARLIE VOLUMES 1 & 2 in audiobook format? Your website states that they are available in audio, but I can’t seem to locate them at either Amazon or Audible.

    Am a big fan of the Holloway novels; the intricacies of plot and character are done so well. Thanks for your efforts with the new website and keeping these great books available.

    Best regards,
    Roberta Myyra

    • admin says:

      Hello Roberta. Apparently there was a mistake on my website about audio books of the casebooks. It’s been fixed now, I think. Blackstone Audio books has done most of the Constance and Charlie series as separate books. They are listed on the site. There’s a new novel there as well, Whisper Her Name. I apologize for the mistaken post.

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