WHISPER HER NAME a new Charlie and Constance novel !!

We’re excited to announce the release of Kate Wilhelm’s new novel, WHISPER HER NAME. It’s the latest (#12 for those counting) in the Charlie Meiklejohn–Constance Leidl Mysteries series. Look for it at www.infinityboxpress.com July 20th.

Read the review:
Homicide detective Charlie doesn’t want this new case: it smacks of insanity and involves a crazy will, money hidden in a dead man’s house, and associated mysterious deaths, which reek of murder. His life with psychologist Constance is a good one: the last thing he needs is the demands of a dead man interrupting their lives—until he learns about a curse and finds his interest piqued.

From then on he and Constance find themselves working together on one of the strangest cases of their lives: a puzzler involving an ancient accident, siblings at odds with one another, and the history of the Bainbridge curse, which threatens a widening circle of people.

Lies, greed, family battles, and a hidden fortune within the bequest of a million-dollar house make for a centrifuge of action and personalities who are not only at odds with each other, but serve as effective barriers to the ultimate truth.

Charlie may have been hired to determine if Eve Parrish’s death was premeditated murder, but his investigations exceed the realm of his usual murder case and even crosses political jurisdictions as he encounters a sheriff and local authorities who each play an uncertain role in the distribution of a fortune and the location of a murderer.

As Charlie and Constance become more embroiled in family affairs and mystery they begin to discover that the curious will may have more behind it than a fortune—and more unforeseen consequences than even its creator could have imagined.

Strong characterization, a myriad of sub-plots, and satisfying twists and turns of plot make WHISPER HER NAME a lively, involving murder mystery that departs from formula writing to produce a truly original, compelling story.

It’s satisfying all the way to its unexpected conclusion, and is a recommended read for any murder mystery enthusiast!

– Diane Donovan
eBook Reviewer
Midwest Book Review

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3 Responses to WHISPER HER NAME a new Charlie and Constance novel !!

  1. Dorothy Fuhrmann says:

    Either my comment got wiped out because I couldn’t perform the captcha, or this will be a duplicate comment. Moderator please take note.
    I’ve always enjoyed the Charlie/Constance series. I like spending time with them. Their interaction between themselves and with the other characters is a pleasure to read. I like the situations that come up and are readily solved. I’m going to go see which ones I have and which ones I’ve missed.

  2. Dorothy Fuhrmann says:

    Just inhaled (if eyes can inhale) this. As usual with this series, I enjoyed Charlie and Constance and their interaction with each other and the other characters in the novels, their confidence in their lives and cases, and the various situations that they fall into and solve.
    I’m going to work out which ones I have and go after the others.

  3. Linda says:

    Can you republish the other 11, preferably in audio form as well as book?
    They are hard to find.

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