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Barbara Holloway is an attorney in Eugene, Oregon. She is intelligent, courageous, and compassionate. Along with her semi-retired lawyer father, Frank Holloway, and a cast of supporting characters, Ms. Holloway uncovers the truth and fights for justice. These mysteries combine detective fiction with courtroom drama.

MIRROR, MIRROR   2017                Hardcover and Ebook

Chaos has descended on the Valducci family. Gina Valducci’s grandmother, mentor, and founder of the family’s thriving nursery business, has died. Her death sets off a string of seemingly unrelated events, including two horrific murders. Gina’s colleague, Jeff, stands out as an obvious suspect, with plenty of motivation, opportunity, and means. In her most unusual and complex case yet, Barbara Holloway accepts Jeff as her reluctant client. But, to defend him, she must first discover how a secret will, corporate greed, WWII-era stolen art, family skeletons, attempted murder, and an old ornate mirror factor in to the case. Barbara must reassemble the puzzle pieces perfectly, before it’s too late.

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BY STONE, BY BLADE, BY FIRE   2012    Hardcover and Ebook, and on audiobook

Travis Morgan’s case seems open-and-shut: a plot to kill his estranged father, fundamentalist preacher Arlie Morgan, goes awry and his bullet slays an innocent bookkeeper. Two eyewitnesses seal Travis’ fate. But despite damning evidence, Travis staunchly maintains his innocence. Beseeched by his anguished mother, veteran defense attorney Barbara Holloway agrees to represent Travis. With the support of her father attorney Frank Holloway and crack private investigator Bailey, Barbara uncovers a convoluted conspiracy braiding religious fanaticism, unimaginable atrocities, and a heavily bankrolled militia. Despite accumulating evidence implicating the Reverend Arlie Morgan, the family physician, and others, Travis’ case proceeds to trial. Barbara finds herself pitted against a complacent legal system and a judge eager to simply close the case and retire. Knowing she must intervene decisively to avoid a conviction, Barbara steps squarely into the path of danger. She confronts the Reverend Morgan, uncoiling his venomous wrath. Risking her own life, Barbara knows she must force his hand in order to save Travis’ life.

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HEAVEN IS HIGH   2011                -also on audiobook

Barbara Holloway gets involved in a deportation case in Wilhelm’s solid 12th legal thriller featuring the Eugene, Oregon, D.A. (after Cold Case). When former NFL football player Martin Owens and his wife, Binnie, who was born mute, arrive on Barbara’s doorstep, she’s moved by their plight. Three years earlier, while cruising with five teammates on a rented yacht near Haiti, Martin found Binnie hiding in his stateroom. He helped smuggle her into the U.S., and they fell in love. Now INS wants to deport her, even though Binnie isn’t a Haitian citizen. Barbara agrees to take the case, despite her lack of experience in immigration law. Realizing that the truth lies in Belize with Binnie’s family, Barbara sets off for the Central American nation, where she’s soon up against corruption and violence in the jungle. In spite of this far-fetched scenario, Wilhelm manages to keep everything on course.           –Publishers Weekly


COLD CASE   2008                        -also on audiobook

Twenty-two years ago, controversial author David Etheridge and ambitious state senator Robert McCrutchen were investigated in the death of a young coed. But a circle of secrecy guaranteed the case was never solved.

When Etheridge returns to Eugene, Oregon, McCrutchen is his grudging host—until the senator is found shot dead. Now Etheridge is back where he was two decades ago—suspected of murder. Only this time, with the cold case reopened, he’s facing a double charge.

Barbara must battle the prosecution and the court of public opinion, which has already tried and convicted Etheridge for both murders. As the pressure mounts, Barbara ties the past and present together, risking her own life to preserve justice.


A WRONGFUL DEATH   2007              -also on audiobook

After finding a file with incriminating material, Elizabeth Kurtz takes her small son and flees her ex-husband and his mother. Although the wealthy family employs a detective agency to find her, she manages to elude them. Barbara Holloway is seeking seclusion as she tries to bring order to her private life and her role as a defense attorney. She finds refuge in an isolated cabin on the Oregon coast. When Elizabeth’s housemate comes under suspicion of killing Elizabeth, Barbara comes to her aid. Barbara is accused of obstruction of justice, making misleading and false statements to investigators, and faces possible disbarment and prison. She gradually realizes the importance of the secret papers and her life is now at risk as she takes on a killer.



SLEIGHT OF HAND   2006              -also on audiobook

Gregarious Vegas entertainer Wally Lederer hasn’t always enjoyed the attention of center stage—something he learned about himself over thirty years ago when he was in the slammer serving time for picking pockets. He claims he’s turned his life around, and his lucrative and legitimate showbiz career seems to support this. But will the police believe he’s a changed man now that Jay Wilkins, a childhood friend, is accusing him of stealing a valuable artifact? More important, does respected attorney Barbara Holloway believe him when he pleads his case to her? Wally swears he’s innocent. There’s no way he would jeopardize years of hard work for the fleeting thrill of minor deception. But when Jay is found murdered, Barbara knows Wally is in serious trouble—the police have named him as their prime suspect. Barbara begins to “dig up the dirt” and is shocked to learn that Jay’s wife is now missing—and that Jay himself was far from being the upstanding businessman he claimed to be. Before long, new evidence points toward an unlikely killer, and Barbara must decide if protecting her client by revealing the truth will destroy another life she means to save.


THE UNBIDDEN TRUTH   2004         -also on audiobook

When Louise Braniff discreetly hands Barbara Holloway a large retainer and asks for a complete anonymity, the Oregon attorney is both intrigued and suspicious. The woman, a respected music professor, is a member of a group that sponsors worthy causes involving women. And they want Barbara to defend Carol Fredericks, a gifted young pianist who stands accused of murdering the manager of a piano bar.

Soon Barbara is convinced that her client is not only innocent, but that she is being framed by ruthless foes who will stop at nothing to keep the past buried. However, proving the case and keeping her client safe will require every drop of Barbara’s notoriously fierce determination to get at the truth. And as she unravels the stunning trail of deception, hatred and remarkably deep abiding love that holds the key to the mystery of Carol Fredericks, Barbara discovers that the unbidden truth may just damn them both.


CLEAR AND CONVINCING PROOF   2003 -also on audiobook

The Kelso/McIvey rehab center is a place of hope and healing for its patients—and for the dedicated staff who volunteer there. For lonely newcomer Erica Castle, it’s a place to make new friends. For brilliant physical therapist Darren Halvord, it’s a chance to showcase his unusual gift. For beautiful Annie McIvey it’s a sanctuary from a cruel husband. And for directors Naomi and Greg Boardman, it’s a lifelong drama about to be destroyed if Annie’s husband, David, has his way. A brilliant surgeon, an implacable misogynist, a man whose ego rivals his skill with a scalpel, David McIvey now has controlling shares in what has always been a non profit clinic. His plan to close the clinic and replace it with a massive new surgery center—with himself at the helm—means that the rehab center, with all its good work and good people, will be forced to close its doors. Since he is poised to desecrate the dreams of so many, it’s not surprising to anyone, especially Barbara Holloway, that somebody dares to stop him in cold blood. When David McIvey is murdered outside the clinic’s doors early one morning, Barbara once again uses her razor-sharp instincts and take-no-prisoners attitude to create a defense for the two members of the clinic accused of his murder. Though police suspect Darren Halvord and Annie McIvey of not only having an affair, but plotting to murder David, Barbra believes a more complex motive lies at the heart of the crime. In her most perplexing case yet, she is forced to explore the darkest places where people can hide—the soul beneath the skin.


DESPERATE MEASURES   2001          -also on audiobook

Gus Marchand, a hardworking, God-fearing farmer, is found dead on his kitchen floor, and suspicion soon falls on Alex Feldman, Marchand’s hideously deformed neighbor. At the request of another attorney, Barbara agrees to defend the young man, whom most of the town has already condemned.

But there is another suspect, as well: Hilde Franz, a woman Gus had a very public altercation with just before he was murdered. Hilde also happens to be an old friend of Barbara’s father, Frank, who, unaware of his daughter’s involvement in the case, agrees to represent Hilde.

For the first time in her career, Barbara cannot turn to her father for advice. Quite the contrary: she has to stay one step ahead of him if she’s to have any hope of saving her client. Because she knows only too well what kind of legal mind she’s up against.

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NO DEFENSE   2000       Hardcover and Ebook                 -also on audiobook

Barbara Holloway’s a trial lawyer who tends to take on difficult cases. One involved a woman accused of killing her own child, another involved a mentally handicapped man, and her last one found her entangled in such a mess that it’s a wonder she lived through it at all. But in every previous case she has had some fragment with which she could build an argument. This time out, it seems there’s no defense at all. Lara and Vinny Jessup had a lovely May-December marriage. It renewed his lease on life after a battle with cancer, and it rescued her from a bad first marriage. Initially, the sheriff out in Loomis County thinks that Vinny died when his car rolled over on a bad curve on Lookout Mountain. Then he finds the gunshot wound. Was it suicide or was it murder? With a large insurance policy as her motive, Lara could have staged the death—or so it appears to the sheriff. Barbara Holloway finds herself drawn to the Oregon desert to take on this case, accompanied by her associates: her colleague Shelley with her Barbie-doll looks, the inimitable detective Bailey Novell, and her father Frank (who’s soon to be a published writer!). But the case itself is as dead as the desert. Is there any defense at all? Compelling and distinctive, this drama demonstrates anew why Kate Wilhelm is considered a master of the form.

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DEFENSE FOR THE DEVIL   1999         Hardcover and Ebook     -also on audiobook

In her three previous novel appearances, attorney Barbara Holloway has taken on the sort of cases no one else wants—hopeless messes, all of them—and with the help of her father, Frank, she has pulled through each time. But even from the start, this new case is different. In order to clear up the murder of Mitch Arno, she’s going to face a worthy opponent: herself. Mitch Arno always meant bad news for the coastal town of Folsum, Oregon. When they ran him out of town seventeen years ago, he left behind a wife with two daughters and a family that never wanted to see him again. When he returns, he brings trouble in the form of a lot of suspicious money. As Barbara attempts to counsel Mitch’s wife about the money, a second form of trouble arrives: a corpse. Mitch’s. And now Barbara is in a morass of conflicting interests, and the only way out could lead her straight into the arms of the devil. Defense for the Devil is another page-turning delight from the queen of courtroom drama.

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MALICE PREPENSE (FOR THE DEFENSE)   1996    -also on audiobook

“When he was a kid, Teddy Wendover had an accident that left him stunted at the mental age of eight. Physically, he’s six-foot-two and twenty-eight years old, but he acts and thinks just like a little boy. Could this big little boy be a killer?

Someone has murdered one of Oregon’s congressmen, and it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that this politician led the field trip during which Teddy’s accident occurred almost twenty years ago. Nor does it seem to be coincidental that the killer left rocks strewn about the murder site, rocks just like the ones Teddy plays with. And the only thing that’s certain is that the person who cast the first of these stones is not without sin.

Malice Prepense is the most complicated and most engrossing case yet for Barbara Holloway, the dynamic star of Death Qualified and The Best Defense.”


THE BEST DEFENSE   1994           -also on audiobook

“ENGROSSING…Wilhelm provides suspense and excitement—while adeptly portraying Barbara [Holloway] as a wily and sympathetic heroine.” –Publishers Weekly

The neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon, is blue-collar; the cafe holds only three tables and four booths. But it’s the only place attorney Barbara Holloway feels both productive and peaceful. Laptop computer on the table, coffee refilled regularly by the cook, Barbara gets her work done and wants for nothing more…certainly not another explosive, emotionally devastating courtroom case.

Until a woman comes to Barbara with a case she cannot refuse. The sister of “Baby Killer” Kennerman, the tale she tells is so terrifying that Barbara must act. What she unearths is a corrupt conspiracy that will allow a killer to walk away free. And when she finds herself up against a smear campaign of unimaginable proportions, Barbara Holloway realizes that even the best defense may not be enough…

“Better than any [courtroom dramas] I’ve read in years…Wilhelm has created an appealing and believable character in Barbara Holloway…The courtroom scenes are excellent, and narrative tension is maintained throughout the story.”


DEATH QUALIFIED   1991      Hardcover and Ebook            -also on audiobook

“Veteran writer Wilhelm has produced another intricate, many-layered novel, in equal parts murder mystery, science fiction, psychological study and consideration of legal ethics. Nell Kendricks is charged with murdering her estranged husband, Lucas, who disappeared years ago while working on a top-secret experiment attempting to use chaos theory to change the observer’s perception of the universe. Now it appears that Lucas had spent the intervening years drugged and amnesiac, a handyman at the university where the studies had taken place. Attorney Barbara Holloway, who is “death qualified” (i.e., legally permitted to act in capital cases), agrees to defend Nell, despite having left the profession, disillusioned by its practices. Barbara decides the key to the case lies in the chaos project and the mysterious death of one of the researchers. Facing a politically motivated, hostile prosecutor, Barbara is helped by a young mathematician, who becomes her lover. Wilhelm sensitively depicts her characters and their relationships, creating an insightful study of what is and what might be, ending in thought-provoking ambiguity.” –Publishers Weekly

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43 Responses to Barbara Holloway Mysteries

  1. Patricia M. Cooper says:

    Will the new book eventually be put on Audible? I have/own the rest of the series all on/through Audible. I really enjoy listening to the your books and love the narrator’s interpretation of each character. It helps me to visualize what’s going on.

  2. Nancy says:

    Where can I find a chronological order to the barbara Holloway books? I can’t wait to find out what happens to Travis and cicely…

  3. Janis says:

    Hi! It’s the end of July 2015, have you come out with a new Barbara Holloway book that I was unaware of? Is this fanpage even still valid? I’m having me some Barbara and Frank withdrawals! ; )

  4. Debra says:

    I too love to hold and feel real, hard backed books. Besides the personal preference for the feel and smell of the book, I have found that (regardless of the device) reading ebooks is more taxing on my eyesight and causes more strain and fatigue than reading from a paper page. For me, it is not the size of the typeface that is the issue but the electronic images. I cannot stare at a computer screen for long periods either. I enjoy audiobooks (when done well), but my daughter says that’s cheating and can’t really be called “reading.”

  5. Emily says:

    By Stone, By Blade, By Fire was my favorite of the Barbara Holloway novels. I Certainly hope you’re preparing a new one! The characters in this novel were so well thought out and I felt so much for them. I look forward to your next book and I am saddened that I’ve reached the end of the series thus far.

  6. Sally Wilson says:

    Just found tis page and Jackie Churches question about the ending of Death Qualified. This book has the qualities of her previous books – psychological thrillers. It is a horror story. Mike saw the tapes and, even though he felt he would be safe, he could not protect his mind from the chaos engendered by them. The tapes he was watching were destroyed but the children found a copy. We hear them laughing – they will go the same way .. an ending worthy of Alfred Hitchcock. After that one I was hooked.

  7. Victoria Varga says:

    I too got really confused about when various books happened, and just read “Heaven is High.” As for computer access during the Reagan years (1981-1988), we had a computer in 1982 and were able to communicate through our modem, although the internet was in a very primitive form at the time. The more interesting thing to me is that Frank is semi-retired in the first book “Death Qualified,” and is still semi-retired in the latest book that I read. He hasn’t seemed to have aged at all in the 20-some years that the books have been coming out either. Very interesting. I’d like to know how he does it. But perhaps Kate Wilheim doesn’t give a darn about any sort of timeline. Her books are so good that I’m willing to go along with her.

  8. Karen says:

    I discovered your SF books first, and loved them, but was really hooked with the Barbara Holloway series. Aside from requesting that you write more if you feel like it, I have just one request: PLEASE write or help write a BH cookbook! Your descriptions are too damned good!

  9. Raye says:

    I just finished listening to the “Sleight of Hand” audiobook. It was my first Barbara Holloway book, and I plan start now with the first. I think I have a crush on Barbara’s dad, Frank! Smart, successful, supportive, a great cook, probably a “silver fox” – what’s not to like? Oh, yeah, he’s a fictional character. Darn!
    How old is Barbara supposed to be in “Sleight of Hand,” by the way? I picture her in her 40s.

  10. Adonna Ollison says:

    Hello Kate I am currently listening to Cold Case. Listening while driving to and from work, the book makes me so happy to start my drive and makes me wish I could sit in my car the rest of the day and finish the book, I can not wait to see if I am right about the who killed Jill and Robert. Barbara feels like a friend and I love the conversation that she and I are having. Headed to the library for yet another great read.

  11. Denise says:

    I just finished listening to Death Qualified, what happened to Mike? and the children?. Is there any reference to them in future books? The ending of the book was a complete let down and left me very dissatisfied. I’m a little hesitant to read or listen to any more books if they are all going to end like this one.

    • admin says:

      Kate says: Hello, Denise. What I’ve learned over half a century of writing is that novels sometimes take on a life of their own and go to unexpected places. I’m sorry you were disappointed in Death Qualified. All I can say is that no two books ever end the same way, or at least never should end the same way. I see Barbara Holloway as a very complex person with a complicated life in a difficult profession. I’m afraid things are never, or seldom, easy for her.

  12. denise says:

    When will the next Barbara hallway book be out thank you

  13. KAREN says:


    • admin says:

      Kate says: Hi Karen. I think I’m always writing, day and night, asleep or awake. At the moment I’m writing what will likely be a novella, starring two ghosts. A novel is in the works, also.

      • ace says:

        Hooray! I eagerly await the next book/story. The Barbara Holloway books are my favorite (in fact I reread them any time I want to feel like visiting that wonderful community of rich characters — they feel like real people to me), but I love all of Kate Wilhelm’s books!

      • Hi kate,
        I miss Barbara,her f a d and all the folks from her ‘hometown ‘. Is there a chance that any more books about this intense character will be written ?
        I hate when I read faster than my favorite author can possibly write. ( How does James Patterson do it?)
        Hopefully the answer is yes.

        • admin says:

          Roberta, keeping up with readers is always a challenge, of course. But the good news is that Barbara Holloway is back in the 14th mystery of the series. Mirror, Mirror has just been released and is available as hardcover and ebook at Thanks for waiting…

  14. Anne Willig says:

    As a longtime, dedicated reader (and collector) of all Kate Wilhelm books, I was dismayed to see the “Audio and Kindle-only” for the new Barbara Holloway novel (don’t have a Kindle as I love real books). Hope to hear soon that a print edition is available….I’ll be first in line!

    • ace says:

      You’re missing out. I love paper books too, but I also love ebooks because you can change the font size when your eyes get tired, you can carry hundreds of books with you everywhere, and you can visit the library from anywhere (a park bench or even the beach) to borrow a new book! I don’t get the whole “real book” snobbery, myself. Books are made of words, not pages.

      • Karen Boozer says:

        As an avid reader since I was a child, I, too love real books. I have tried ebooks but they are just not for me. I feel let down that authors seem to be turning their backs on faithful readers who for their own personal reasons prefer “real” books instead of ebooks. At least don’t be so superior sounding when rejecting the idea that we might have good reasons for not going ebook.

  15. Mary says:

    Hi Kate,

    Am a longtime fan, especially Barbara Holloway stories. When can we expect another book in this wonderful series???

  16. Richard says:

    Dear Kate,

    I’m a 55-year sci-fi fan. “Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang” is one of my favorites.

    I’m reading “Death-Qualified.” I found a copy at a paperback exchange. Now I have a whole new series of mysteries to read. Happy me!

  17. Vera L Parson says:

    I just finished Unbidden Truth, it is the first one of your books I have read. I was so Happy to find a really good mystery that was not full of explicit sexual scenes and unnecessary vulgarity. I am looking forward to the next book. Keep up the good work!

  18. Valerie says:

    PLEASE have your Barbara Holloway novel in print form!! I don’t have a Kindle and I have been waiting for the latest mystery! I love holding an actual book in my hands! Love your books. Any idea when it might be in print form?

    • admin says:

      Kate says:
      Hi, Valerie. We’re working on print on demand books, but I don’t have a date for when this will be completed. I hope it won’t be too long. I know a lot of people want a paper and ink book to have and to hold. As a book lover, I know the feeling very well.

  19. Ana Goller says:

    Do you know when the next Barbara Holloway novel will be coming out? I am going through serious withdrawal! 🙂 Thanks for writing them! Ana

    • admin says:

      Kate says:

      Hello, Ana. Any day now my next Barbara Holloway will be out. It’s title is By Stone, By Blade, By Fire, and it’s very long and complicated. It will be available through my own company, at Amazon, B&N, other outlets. This will be an ebook originally, but we hope to go to print on demand in the near future. I hope you enjoy it!

      • Ana Goller says:

        I have a kindle and will read the e-book but I have all of the Barbara Holloway books and would like to have this one also so if you’re counting possible buyers for a print edition, count me in! Thanks for answering. Ana

  20. Jae Gie Seiffert says:

    For books in order, I have been going by the original copy write date (hard back) and think that is as close as I can get.

    Yes, living in a tiny shack, poor area == what is she doing with all her money? She does cheap cases at Martins, but her big cases should be big paying jobs!! Even Ben Matlock always starts with a minimum $100,000 retainer. For Barbara, Baily isn’t cheap, plus all the other people she hires to make her case, including Shelly and her dad must get paid as well.

    I just “found” Kate Wilhelm a few months ago and I am inhaling her mystery books like crazy. Will run out soon then will be waiting for the next one to come out too.

    Thanks Kate. You are the best.

  21. Della McCloud says:

    I have listened to all of your Barbara Holloway books and I love them all. You keep me going while at work and it makes my day go great. But now I am caught up and can not wait for your next one to come out! Can you give me an idea when your next book(audiobook) will be out. You are a wonderful writer and Thank You for all of the enjoyment you have given me while listening to your books..

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  23. Sharon Svitak says:

    ‘Heaven is High’ is backstory. I want to know what happens ongoing between Darren and Barbara. Ever since Mike’s death I have wanted Barbara to have a stable and loving relationship. She appears to have one with Darren. I am hoping to see it develop.

  24. Anne Camien says:

    I’ve read all the Barbara Holloway books and enjoyed each and everyone of them. I look forward to learning about the time she and her father were on the outs; and what happened to the fiancee? I agree with a previous poster–I would love to read them faster than their written. But all good things come to those who wait?

  25. Ms. Gardner says:

    I love the Barbara Holloway books! I just would like you to write faster!!!

  26. Selena Parker says:

    I love all the books I have read by Kate Willhem. Thanks for the book, Heaven is High. It explaned why Martin and Minnie love Barbara so much. Thanks for the books. Please keep writing them.sp

  27. Selena Parker says:

    I found the books at the library. I had read all the books I knew were g. These are the best I have read. I love the Barbara Holloway books. We do not have a lot of them. I will be looking for them where ever I can find them. I just finished Heaven is High. It was a wonderful story. And explaned why Martin and Binnie love Barbara so much. Thanks for writing some of the best books I have read. Please keep writing. I love them. sp

  28. Lyle W. Carlton says:

    Just finished “Heaven is High.” Thank you for the story of Martin Owens and his wife, Biinnie. This is a storry that needed to be told.
    I have read ALL of your Barbara Holloway novels. Takes about a day per. Please do not stop now!
    I have a niece who wants to be a lawyer. I will make these novels required reading.
    Thanks again. Lyle

  29. karen beliles says:

    my mom look reading the barbara holloway books. i’m tiring to get all the books for her in order. the first death qualified ???????????????

  30. I have just read Death Qualified, and am (for the first time ever) dismayed at the ending, as it appears to be incomplete, without resolution. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be an immediate follow-up, in which we can read about Mike, and what happens to him. (I know that in other books there is reference to his drowning in a river… is this it?)… Perhaps there could be a listing of novels in the order in which Barbara encounters her romantic partners… and what happens to them…. I am a HUGE fan (not size-wise) of Ms. Wilhelm, but usually, the bad guys all ‘get theirs’ and the good guys triumph… but not this one….guess i’m just too ‘fairy tale’ minded… but I still love your writing… please write lots more…

    • KMD says:

      Heaven is High..I’m confused about when this took place. Our library doesn’t have all her books, I guess. But the last one I read, it seems to me she was gettingher life in order and I thought it was set in more recent time. This one was set in the Reagan era? Yet they ave good computer acces??? And Barbara is living in a tiny shack in the poor area of town and doesn’t know what she’s going to do with her life??? Very confusing.

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