The Clarion Writing Workshop, established by author Kate Wilhelm with her husband, writer Damon Knight, is regarded as one of the finest creative incubators in the country. For the first time, Wilhelm gracefully and humorously tells the inside story of the program and includes a healthy dose of writing tips. More than a memoir or writing guide, Wilhelm discusses how the workshop began, the inside tricks of teaching writing, what she learned and how she passed a love of the written word on to generations of writers. Storyteller is a gift to all writers from this generous acclaimed writer.



THE HILLS ARE DANCING  1986  (with Richard Wilhelm)

Excerpt:  “We are all searching. Each and every one of us. That is the common ground. Richard and I are sharing a search; we are looking together for something elusive, something important to both of us. It will be about boundaries, places where things merge. It will have something to do with mothers and sons—with continuity.

I feel that for the first time I have a vague idea of why I am out here in eastern Oregon with my son. What it is that I am looking for, what puzzle I am trying to solve. It has to do with time, I realize. It is as if the land can supply the clues if only I read them right. Time and change, that is the message of the land. Time and change. Impermanence. Continuity, Where will my people be in ten thousand years?”

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